Car Breakdown banner

Warning tarpaulin for the boot lid


Car Breakdown banner

This innovative invention is a warning tarpaulin for the boot lid for additional protection in the event of a breakdown or at the scene of an accident.

This makes the accident site clearly visible from a distance and easy to attach.

Short description of the invention

The car breakdown banner is attached above the boot lid or on the open boot lid if required.

The eye-catching and reflective tarpaulin features a red triangle and a warning text and also has translucent reflective foil areas over the vehicle's own lighting elements (tail light, hazard warning lights).
Due to its size and eye-catching colouring, the breakdown banner is a perfect supplement to the legally required warning triangle.
The attachment is ensured, for example, by sewn-in magnets that adhere to the vehicle surface or by rubber bands and hooks that are fastened in vehicle gaps and in the wheel spokes. In addition, weights in the lower edge of the banner contribute to stabilisation and optimal position.

Advantages of the invention


conspicuous & Directly on the car

Perfectly perceptible security element with familiar visual symbols, which is attached directly to the vehicle and is highly visible.

Larger than a WarNing triangle

The size of the reflective surface and the height of the attachment make it possible for the car breakdown banner to be seen much faster and better than conventional warning triangles, especially from a greater distance. The perfect addition to existing equipment.

easy & stable to install

The fastening by means of sewn-in magnets and lashing rubber bands is child's play to fix and is furthermore not affected by environmental influences such as wind or uneven terrain.

Cost-efficient and effective

Simple design, great effect: no other vehicle safety feature can be found that could provide a similarly great benefit with comparably little effort.

Car Breakdown Banner as an advertising media

The car breakdown banner can be used universally on all types of vehicles for better or additional protection in the event of an accident or breakdown, regardless of whether it is used privately or by professional emergency services. Low technical effort and maximum effect also make the breakdown banner interesting as an advertising medium (e.g. for roadside assistance or road construction companies).

3D Visualisations


Property rights

utility model protection

Type of protection:  GER utility model
Registration number: DE 20 2014 005 286 U1
Date of registration: 26.06.2014

Main claim:
1. warning tarpaulin for securing a breakdown/accident site, characterised by a reflective material.
2. warning tarpaulin according to protection claim 1, characterised by the attachment to or on the boot lid of a vehicle. 
3. warning tarpaulin according to protection claim 1 and 2, characterised by the optional attachment to the open boot lid.
4. warning tarpaulin according to protection claim 1, 2 and 3, characterised by translucent reflective foil areas over flashing sign system. 



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